May 28, 2008

We have a fine old house - built in the 1870's - yes that's 1870's. Several years ago it was converted into a two family dwelling. There are two of everything. Two gas furnaces, two central air systems, two electric systems, two bathrooms, two kitchens (one of which is now my computer workshop) and so on. The only dual fixtures that we don't need or want, are two sidewalks in the rear of the house - only one of them is used now.

It's very inconvenient when cutting grass. One must get the mower over the sidewalks in order to cut between them or else use a weed eater to cut that area of grass. Last year Peggy began using part of that area for some of her plants. This year she began using a little more of that area for more plants.

This morning she said that she was going to buy some more concrete squares and expand the covered area. I thought she meant four to six squares. It turned out that she bought 44 of them and to my surprise she began building a patio. Six hours later, we were sitting at a table on our new patio. 

At last she found a use for the area between the sidewalks. No more grass cutting there, ha ha.
I decided that her efforts deserved a Web page, so here it is - pictures are below. Good work Peggy!!

Peggy's Patio - all finished and ready for summer relaxation!
Below: The Aftermath.