Renee Nicole Mills, 1987-2003
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In Memory of Renee Mills

Renee loved playing softball. She was a good pitcher so it wasn’t a surprise when she began having pain in her shoulder. The pain persisted and doctors eventually discovered that her pain was caused by cancer of the liver, advanced to the stage that she was expected to have only six months to live.

Renee was treated by medical specialists in Louisville, KY and Pittsburgh, PA in a futile attempt to make her well enough for a liver transplant, but all efforts failed. Renee was a determined young lady who stretched her six months into about a year and a half before finally succumbing to the disease at 16 years of age. 

This picture was made at grandma Peggy's house three months before Renee died of cancer.
Daughter of Donnie and Vicki Mills, sister to Ashley and Andrew Mills.