Peggy at Work

How are PEDDY TEDDY's made? It's not quick and it's not easy.
Each one takes a lot of time and patience. First there's the shopping
for the right materials. Then the work begins by matching and laying out the fabrics and fitting them to patterns for cutting. After the fabrics are cut the sewing begins, some with a needle and thread and some with a sewing machine.

When all the little pieces of fabric are attached you can see the form of a PEDDY TEDDY taking shape. Then the safety nose and eyes are carefully attached and the stuffing begins. When the stuffing is finished and the final stitches are done, the removable ribbons and decorations are attached. After a full day's work the new PEDDY TEDDY is ready to be someone's favorite friend or to decorate someone's home or to be placed in a collector's cabinet.

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