Our Scottie M Bear tradition lives on.

Have you ever become bored listening to someone's vacation  stories or looking through someone's baby pictures or reading someone's dog stories? I think these times become boring because they are personal to the person who experienced the event.

Well, here's another dog story. It is personal to me and maybe too long and boring to you
but if you know what it is to love and lose a special dog, you understand. If you've never  experienced that special relationship that can exist between a human and a dog, you won't understand.  

 From the early 1980's until today, I've had three Scottish Terriers, one at a time. Each of them was and is, a special dog to me and each was expected to be the only dog I would ever have. Each of these Scotties has a special place in my memory and long ago I began writing about them. This is our story.

Is it just another dog story?

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