Meet THEO, a Maltese/Spitz mix rescued from a puppy mill. Theo will be 12 weeks old on April 16th. 2008. Theo's new home is in southern Wisconsin. He'll appreciate that fur in the Wisconsin winter. The pretty young lady holding her new puppy is Bridget.

I'll bet Bridget will see to it that we get more pictures of Theo as he grows up. Bridget's dad, Pete said Theo loves to play outside but he doesn't like a leash. That's OK Theo. We understand. We humans don't like to be tied to leashes either but sometimes it's necessary. 

Theo is fortunate to have a new home with people who love him. There are many, many dogs, big and small, young and old, who need a loving home. Contact your local Animal Shelter and adopt the most loyal friend you'll ever have. He or she is anxiously waiting for you. 
Theo sleeping with his bunny rabbit. (Added on 4/5/08.)

April 5, 2008

Page 07.
Page 07.
Theo at about 8 weeks old. (Added 4/5/08.)
Theo at about 19 weeks old and 7 pounds.
(Added 6/4/08.)
Above you can see how Theo has grown. See the 2 liter bottle on the left of his food bowl and then to the right of him in the second picture? I guess that growth indicates that he has spent some time at that food bowl, ha ha.
Theo and Bridget. (Added 6/4/08.)

From Pete:
"I found out a new "Theo-fact" the other day. I was in the bathroom when the house phone rang, and I couldn't get to it. Suddenly, I heard this strange sound from the other room - Theo howling! I about died laughing, it sounded so funny."

New pictures added at page bottom on June 4, 2008.
Right: Bridget and Theo. (Added 4/5/08.)