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Adopted by Peggy and Doug, July 18, 2008 from Tellico Plains, TN
Tellie is a one year old Scottish Fold with straight ears.
Tellie meets Blue Boy and Daisy. Chloe, our Scottish Terrier is not concerned - she is watching from under a table.

Tellie and Blue Boy are examining my shop sink to find where the water comes from and where it goes.

I had to secure the cabinets with a bungie cord - both cats quickly
learned how to open the  doors.

Below: Tellie found that I keep a glass of water on my work bench. Now I keep a lid on it.

Below: Tellie discovers the fish
tank in my computer room. 

Later: Tellie discovers an opening
in the fish tank lid.
Tellie wants a fish. Fortuantely he can't squeeze through the feeding hole or we would have a wet cat.
That is Doug's soup!
Tellie has a nap after studying
the CAT book to learn how a gentleman cat should behave.
Tellie! Play with your own
toys and keep out of trouble.
After Mac our Scottish Fold cat died, we wanted another cat. First we adopted Blue Boy
(see the preceding page) but we didn't know whether he would become tame. He did. He
is now a part of the household. Meanwhile, Peggy continued to search for another cat like
Mac. Enter Tellie. So now we have two dogs and two cats and we all agree, four is enough!