Rex is a beautiful American White Shepherd who lives in England. His fur changes from white to golden according to the season.
Here, Rex is relaxing with Jean. 
Life with Rex. Here's how it all began in late August of 2004.
Jemma and Rex:  a pretty young lady holding her sweet little puppy.
             Together, they grew into beautiful young adults.
Rex is hanging out in the kitchen - that's where the food is - and a big dog wants lots of food.
                                   And a dog such as Rex earns his keep.
While Rex is the family pet, he is also a well-trained, obedient guard dog.
 No one, NO ONE enters this house without a family member giving Rex  the OK. Worried about home security? Rex is it.
Good boy, Rex!
If you ever want to leave England for the USA, just give me a call.
January 2008
April 4, 2008
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