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Adopted July 18, 2008. Ollie lives near Louisville, KY with the Mills family.
Ollie is a Scottish Fold with straight ears. Ollie is not your typical kitten.  He was known as the runt of the litter, weighing in at one ounce at birth. The breeder gave him to Ms Mills because he needed a good home.  In the picture above Ollie was two and a half months old. He will share a home with Abby cat (next page).
Below: Tellie is one year old and not a big cat.
But beside Ollie, Tellie looks big.
Small kitten, big appetite. Put on those ounces, Ollie!
Am I as big as your hand?
WOW! Look at that big dog. The big dog Daisy is a Dorkie, a Yorkie-Dachshund mix. Really big, ha.
Below: Ollie and Arianna. Ollie is about four months old here
and  weighs a little over one pound.
It doesn't take a large bed for Ollie. Here he is sleeping in a small basket.
Below: Natalie and Ollie playing. Careful there, Natalie. Even little kittens have claws.
Ollie visited his Veterinarian on
Saturday August 23, 2008 and he
now weighs 2.1 pounds! The Mills
family is obviously good medicine
for Ollie.