Our Rescue Rewards

The story begins in February 2006, when one of our beloved Airedales, Murphy, died suddenly at 11 years old from a brain tumor. We never saw him aging - he was always our playful, lovable clown, Murphy. We were heartbroken, but we had our Maggie, who was 9 ½, always acting like a puppy, a different personality from Murph - she followed us like a shadow, always next to us, even when she wanted to sleep. She had always had a bad valve to her heart, took medication, and was under great veterinary care -however, she did miss her Murphy, and two months to the date of his death, Maggie's heart went into complete distress, and with all the vet and we could do, she went to see her Murph at the Rainbow Bridge. I still shed tears when I think of both dogs leaving so close to each other.

Considering we are seniors, 68 and 75, we decided - no more dogs - which was difficult, because we had never been without dogs in our home. Six months later, we started researching Rescue Dogs and concluded we needed a smaller dog than our usual, and since we loved Terriers, and two at the same time - decided to contact Carol Herd, who runs Scottie Rescue in California. After we submitted our application, we received a call from Carol - she and I could have talked for hours. She is so personable, and very protective of her rescue Scotties. She feels they have been through enough, and need loving, caring homes.

She told me about two wheaten Scotties she had for some time, who had been left almost as "feral" Scotties. They were neglected, afraid, non-aggressive, just fearful. My husband was gone at the time, and I sent her photos of our yard, completely fenced, and safe. She said when my husband returned, we would set up a home visit, where she would examine the premises, and interview us. On December 6, 2006 - Carol visited with Dean and Goldie, who are now Leo and Lucy. We visited for several hours - she did check the house and yard, and us, of course. When she left, these two beautiful, frightened Scotties were ours. We had purchased them crates, since that is what they were used to in her home.

Time passed, they received their two walks a day, total companionship with us, since we are retired, and today, only 8 months later, we have the sweetest, greatest companions anybody could ask to have in their lives. I recently had serious surgery- three major surgeries in one month and when I arrived home, unable to walk without help, Leo and Lucy lay beside me in bed - follow me with my walker, and watch out for me constantly.

Leo, who was the most afraid, has come so far that he will now jump up, and lay his lap on my husband's lap - Lucy should have been named Elmer (after the glue) - never leaves my side.

I want to sing my praises of Rescue Scotties -give them the time, and love, and you have the best friend ever. As I sit at my computer, they are both at my feet -

Carol Herd, from Scottie Rescue of California, is our hero - she matched us with the perfect two dogs - they are (3 and 5) years old - no puppy chewing, just requiring love and patience.

We hope to give these two, who had such a rough start, who were so afraid of human beings a beautiful life - just what they deserve for the rest of their lives. We feel they were so good for us, with broken hearts, and they also had broken hearts - so God sent us these two.-They loved other dogs, but humans must have been terribly mean to them. Now, they approach our friends, and do not run away. We feel the four of us will spend the rest of our lives together.

Don and Patty Burkhart
San Clemente, California

Lucy and Leo are Wheaten Scotties, adopted from Scottie Rescue of California
by Patty and Don, California residents. Their story "Our Rescue Rewards" is below.

See how beautiful these Scotties are? If you want a dog, why not check with rescue agencies in your area - I'll bet there is a wonderful companion just waiting for you to come and take him/her to a new home.
Mr. Bear
December 2007. After one year in a real home, Lucy and Leo patiently await Christmas. 
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November 6, 2007
December 10, 2007

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