Blue Boy
Below: The hole he made in the screen is outlined with tape. The bush he landed on is below the window. I wonder why and how he made the hole so high?

After three hours of searching every inch of this house, we located him hiding under the treadmill (below) where he stayed until he decided to come out. At least we knew where he was.

Left: see the hole under the wet bush that I had to crawl in, to reach Blue Boy. I got him out and took him back inside the house.
When I set him down on the floor, he took off for parts unknown.
Note: despite our good intentions, this treadmill isn't used or plugged into power but if my MD reads this, I intend to begin using it as soon as we get Blue Boy out.
Below: Peggy lured him out with food. Then after I gave him a few minutes of back scratching Blue Boy settled down and began exploring the house. 
Adopting Blue Boy
Blue Boy is a one year old male Russian Blue.
After Mac, our Scottish Fold cat died, Peggy began searching for another feline friend.
We searched the Internet for several days and after finding no Scottish Fold within several hundred miles that fit our price range, we found a Russian Blue who needed a home. He was located 157 miles from us - or 314 miles round trip.
We've stopped driving our big conversion van due to high fuel costs, so we loaded our two small dogs in the small car along with a portable kennel to bring Blue Boy home.
The first night at home was not unusual after bringing Blue Boy into strange surroundings and he did as well as could be expected.
The next day and night were not so
smooth. Blue Boy didn't like anything about his new home - especially the dogs. Daisy wanted to be friends and was slapped a few times. Chloe just got out of the way and avoided Blue Boy. Strangely enough, Blue Boy liked me and we became friends right away.
We all survived the first day. But during the night Blue Boy decided to take matters into his own paws. The next morning I couldn't find Blue Boy.
Blue Boy slept in our screened-in back porch which is loaded with cat toys. Our animals are free to go from inside the house to the porch through a pet door. When I couldn't find Blue Boy, I thought he might be hiding in the house. Then, I heard a "meow" -  I couldn't locate where it came from but Daisy found the source. Blue Boy was outside sitting under a wet bush. Then I looked up and saw a new hole in the window screen where Blue Boy jumped through.
Before our second day was over, Daisy and Blue Boy were getting along, Chloe was still hiding (nothing unusual for her), Peggy could hold and brush Blue Boy, and he acts like I'm his best friend. He answers me when I call his name and he loves for me to scratch him. I think he will be a fine house companion in a few more days. 
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July 11, 2008