June 6, 2008
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Page 10.
Jemma's Baby Budgies
"There'll be Bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover ... ."
If you were around in 1944 you might remember that WW2 song. Well, these are not Bluebirds and they don't live in Dover, England - but they do live within about 75 miles of  those White Cliffs of Dover. These little babies live at East Tilbury, Essex, England. And who knows? Someday they might really fly over those White Cliffs.
Hello world! May 24, 2008.
Wonder what's out there?  May 29, 2008.
Growing up. June 4, 2008.
Hey! Me too! June 4, 2008.

A good thing about raising birds during these difficult economic times - they don't eat much.
And who knows? One day they just might make that flight over those White Cliffs.