In Memory of Mac
Peggy adopted Mac on June 6, 2001. He was a genuine house cat. Only once in his short life did Mac go outdoors and he didn't like what he found. He came back inside and never tried the outdoors again. He didn't like strangers and he usually hid when company came. He was very playful and he always won his battles with our dogs. Mac had all his claws and he never had any trouble defending himself - just ask the dogs. He had been diagnosed about four years ago with a kidney disorder, which finally took his life on July 1, 2008. He was 7 years old and he is greatly missed by all of us.   
Below: Mac at 6 months old.
Mac was a Scottish Fold cat. The "Fold" comes from the fact that these cats' ears do not stand up like other cats ears do - they fold downward. You can see that effect in the pictures. 
Above: Mac was one year old in this picture.
Mac had a great interest in poker.  (Uh, I think it was the poker chips.)
Mac and the late Mr. Bear were good traveling companions. They would look out the Van window for miles and miles.
Mac's favorite pastime. He occupied this spot daily, watching birds and people pass his window.  
Mac would sleep anywhere - in a comfy chair (above) or in a box of Christmas paper (below) or no telling where we might find him throughout the house. Whatever it was, if he could get in it - he would sleep in it. 
Though he was often aloof and unfriendly to strangers, he was a loving member of our household. From the picture below you can see that he loved to party and sometimes, he had just a little too much of the catnip.
No doubt in a few days we'll adopt another cat. But one thing is for sure - there'll never
be another Mac, and he will live on in our memory and our hearts. You know what? I'll bet Mac and Mr. Bear are already playing together on Rainbow Bridge.
On my Scanner.
On my papers.
Under the tree.
On the carpet.
Beside the dog beds.
In a box.
If he enjoyed sleeping so much, why not buy him a real pet bed? We did. Several times. But he wouldn't sleep in them. He preferred to improvise, ha ha.
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