My  ms11  Experience

Our free Web site has been hosted by ms11 for 8 years in April 2012.

During those 8 years I've written and posted a few hundred pages including such subjects as: my family history, my autobiography, my do-it-yourself experiences 
for home, vehicles, computers, appliances plus pictures and stories about dogs, cats, birds, and articles about various social and medical subjects. If I do it - or sometimes even think about it - it may appear on a Web page hosted by ms11.  
ms11 is my silent partner. They don't bother me and I don't bother them. In these 8 years, I've never received a message from ms11 telling me that I can't do this or that, or hint that I purchase a commercial site, or even complain that I'm taking up a lot of free space on their servers. ms11 is just there. Kind of like my usual morning coffee and little cigar - it would be a disruption in my life if I didn't have those things, but so long as they are there, I tend to take them for granted. 
One time, I don't remember what year, bad weather disrupted communications across much of the USA. That morning I couldn't reach our Web site. I yelled, "Peggy I can't reach ms11." I thought I might have a heart attack, ha ha. In a
short time, ms11 was back on my computer and our Web site was safe. That is an amazingly good record of service for any commercial business - and I got that service free for the asking.

Until 5 years ago, I thought I was constructing Web pages for my big family and friends to visit. Then 5 years ago, I put a Counter with a World Map on my Home Page. I'll soon reach 13,500 visitors in those 5 years, visitors who come
from most of the English speaking countries around the world to our Home Page. Most visitors come to our site from search engines to specific pages and never visit our Home Page, so there is no way to tell how many visitors we really have.

I was a radio broadcaster for almost 30 years back in the days when radio was
still king of the airwaves. Broadcasters were (and are) always proud of getting good ratings. Back then, I had a potential audience of several thousand listeners every day. Today, with the Internet and Web pages, I have a potential daily audience of millions of people from around the entire world. ms11 is my platform for that potential. 


NOTE: My 8 years of ms11 service cost me all of $11.00 for a start up fee back in 2004. Do the math.

H. Doug Dickens, April 04, 2010 
Updated in 2011, 2012.