New  Life  For  A  Rescued  Scottish  Terrier

Chloe was rescued from a breeder by Cheryle Walters Rescue Kennel located near Shawneetown, IL.
We traveled 300 miles (twice) to adopt her. When we first went for her she was found to have a prolapsed uterus and couldn't be released without surgery. So we went back. We adopted her on March 15, 2003.
She was 18 months old and her life had been one of confinement in a breeders cage. She was afraid of everything and everyone. If a dog can convey,"I'd rather be dead," by looks and actions, Chloe did.
Months of love and gentle care produced this smiling face.
Color is a little off here. She is acutally black and silver.
Our Scottish Terrier, MrBear, died on February 9th 2003 of kidney disease. We were very sad. I searched the Internet daily for a Scottish Terrier but I couldn't find any. One day I received an answer to an ad I had placed. Cheryle Walters sent me two pictures of a little Scottie which she had rescued and she
was desperately seeking a new home for her.  I could see this little girl was very sad. We were sad, Chloe was sad. My wife and I thought that two negatives might make a positive. I wrote back to Cheryle that we would take her, "Just as soon as we can get her." I was ready to leave that very day. But Cheryle said Chloe couldn't be released until she had visited the Vet for exams and shots, so we had to wait until after her Saturday morning appointment. Early on Saturday morning we headed to Shawneetown to get our new Scottie.
I'll never forget our first meeting. Chloe was lying on a blanket in a corner of Cheryle's kitchen. I wanted to pick her up and tell her that everything would be all right but when I stooped down, she nervously recoiled into a little ball of fur and one nervous eye stared up at me. We had just been given the news that we couldn't take Chloe yet. The Vet had discovered that she had a prolapsed uterus and surgery was mandatory. Reluctantly we had to leave her. I told Chloe that we would come for her as soon as she could travel. I wished she could understand what I said. 
For months after we brought her home, Chloe would curl up as small as possible into a little furball and peep out at us.
We didn't know how important this bed would be. We took the bed with us so Chloe could ride home in it. On the trip home she never tried to get out of it. She loves her bed. This bed is her place of security. We respect that. When she runs to her bed she
is invisible to us and completely private.
It's a long road to recovery.
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Chloe was adopted by Doug and Peggy Dickens in 2003.

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Chloe was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF) on March 14, 2009. Chloe lived 18 months with CHF.

We expected her to live a few hours or a few days. We immediately
began giving her furosenide and enalapril which are the dog versions of the same medications I take. At this time she is still surviving and doing all her normal activities but she is weaker and does a lot of panting and
coughing. All the Pet Medical Sites and our own Veterinarian say that her time is very limited.   

For descriptions of congestive heart failure in dogs or cats, go to your search engine and type     Congestive Heart Failure Dogs Cats.    

Chloe's Story

October 2, 2010.  Chloe became paralyzed in both her hind legs yesterday. 
There was no hope that she could recover. She went to sleep today at 2:15 PM.
She lived 18 months with CHF. During that time she was never left alone.
We did everything we could to prolong her life. Goodbye Chloe. You are missed.