For a long time Chloe was far from being our pet. She was more like a patient in our care. There was so much for her to learn. She didn't know anything about the outdoors and she was intimidated by anything that moved or made a noise. I would put her on a leash and partly pull and partly walk her around the house. One day she slipped out of my hands without her leash. She took off toward the front yard and disappeared around the front of the house. I thought she was gone. In a little bit she appeared on the other side of the back yard. She had made the trip around the house alone. Why? I think she was showing me that she could do it. There were little indications like that one which led us to believe Chloe wanted to be our dog, but those indications were few and  fleeting. 

Life is limited in a breeders cage so Chloe had a lot to learn about the outside world. She didn't know about grass and rain and birds and squirrels and rabbits and ... snow. In the picture above she had just finished her first romp in the snow. Looks like she was thinking, "Burrr. That white stuff is soft, wet and cold!"

Meet Mr. McGregor (Mac)
When we first brought Chloe to her new home she had a surprise waiting: Mac the cat. Mac is dog friendly. Mac and Chloe got along fine and soon they were playing an abbreviated version of tag through the house. 
Mac had been a good friend to MrBear, our Scottish Terrier companion for 12 years. MrBear and Mac liked traveling. They would sit together for miles and look out the van window. MrBear died just 5 weeks before we adopted Chloe and Mac missed his buddy. 
A few weeks after  we adopted Chloe we made a 1700 mile trip. Chloe enjoyed riding in the van with Mac but I think Chloe missed her security bed. One day I found Chloe occupying Mac's cage. We don't now how Chloe managed to get into it and Mac wasn't happy about it.
MrBear and Mac enjoying the scenery.

We were pleased that Chloe had a friend in Mac. That was ironic. Mac had a dog and we didn't, ha. In the passing months we missed having a friendly dog. My wife and I had dog companions for many years and Chloe showed no interest in being a companion. But we were committed to giving her our best care and just let her be content in her own way.

When Chloe was 2 years old she had been with us about 5 months and she had made very little progress. Limited play with Mac was good but Chloe didn't know much about playing.

We determined that Chloe needed to go through puppyhood before she would behave like an adult so we shopped around to find an energetic puppy to teach Chloe. We selected a small Dorky puppy.

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