On the first day in her new home, Chloe chose this chair as her favorite. It is located on an enclosed back porch and there is a view to the back yard and a side street.
She likes to stand in this chair and look out the windows for something to bark at. For the first three days here, she never uttered a sound. I thought she must have been debarked (and that upset me). I have a monitor in that area and early one morning I heard a noise from the back porch. Chloe uttered a sound! We were relieved. 14 months later I can assure you, there is nothing wrong with her bark. It is loud and frequent, ha.
Can you believe this? I'm so glad I had the camera ready for just such an event.  
Two of my favorite pictures: In the first few days of her freedom, Chloe sneaked into the bedroom and took my wife's slippers. I'm not sure how my wife felt about that but I was very pleased. This indicated that she would overcome her life of confinement and become a normal dog.  In one picture she's standing on a plastic box which I placed by the door for her to stand on and look out the window.

Under other circumstances, one could be upset that a dog dug up their yard. But not us and especially not this time.

After she had been here a couple of months, we left her alone in the back yard for a little while and she dug her first hole. We were as proud as if our child had just graduated from kindergarten. It was as if she thought,
"This is something I always wanted to do." She hasn't dug another one. I guess once was enough.


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