My wife and I are retired so we've been with Chloe 24 hours every day. Even that close contact hadn't produced much change in her. After 5 months of babying she still wouldn't voluntarily have anything to do with us. If we spoke to her or even moved when she could see us she would run to her bed or run through her dog door to the enclosed back porch and lie down in a corner. The only time we could pet her was when we were outdoors. If we sat down, she would come up to us and want to be scratched and petted but back in the house we were like strangers.
On August 9, 2003 Chloe began to change when we brought a new member of the household to meet her. Daisy, a 3 months old Dorky began teaching Chloe how to play dog games and how to trust us.
Meet Daisy, our therapeutic nurse puppy.
Chloe, 25 months old, meets Daisy 3 months old.
Daisy finds a toy, Chloe is unconcerned.
With Daisy in the household, the change in Chloe was amazing. Daisy enticed Chloe to play with toys, play tag, and wrestle. Daisy also taught Chloe that we could be manipulated: "Want food? Want out? Want attention? Just walk up to them and bark until you get what you want! They won't hurt you."
Chloe is still timid but day by day she becomes more trusting and assertive.
Daisy says, "Let's play tug." Chloe says, "You want me to pull on this?" Thus, the learning to play begins.
We thought Chloe would never share her bed. We were wrong. Daisy is welcome to come and visit.
Chloe has been with us over 14 months. Her improvement day by day is now impressive. She wants to be petted and brushed and she enjoys being held. Instead of always running from us, she often runs to us.
If I put my hat on or pick up my car keys she gets excited and wants to ride. I open the gate and she runs to the car and lies on the ground. I open the door and she jumps in. When we return, I open the door, she jumps out, runs to the gate and lies down waiting for me.
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