In the fall when she got her first haircut here, she was so nervous that I had to literally pull her out of the Vet's holding cage. That experience unnerved her so much that we postponed haircutting until this spring. Recently she got a new haircut and this time she was unafraid and we can tell that she is genuinely proud of her short hair. And we are genuinely proud of our dog.

In the past few days we have seen more positive changes in Chloe. She doesn't run and hide in her bed at the slightest noise, she has begun leaving her bed at night to
sleep on a rug in our bedroom, she comes up to us and touches us with her nose to get our attention. Sometimes she surprises us with the unexpected, like what she did yesterday. A neighbor came to visit. Chloe walked right up to the neighbor and touched her on the leg to get attention. Just a few days ago that kind of behavior would have been beyond imagination.

On June 26, 2004 Chloe was 3 years old and she is just beginning to live.
Thank you Cheryle Walters Rescue Kennel for saving Chloe and giving us the
chance to show her how good a dog's life can be.
Doug and Peggy Dickens, Mac and Daisy       06/03/04.
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Chloe is doing fine. She is still afraid of people that she doesn't know well but at home with just us she acts like any other dog. She loves to stand in a chair on the porch by an open window and bark at anything and everything that moves on the side street beside our house. In the picture below, we just came home from getting her groomed - she isn't very happy at the moment.  
Like my new haircut?
December 21, 2007 Chloe hasn't changed from the fears expressed in the paragraph below. I think she is forever scarred from her life in the breeders cage. Nevertheless, we love her and we are proud of being able to give her a good home where she is happy.

Sorry to report: Chloe has Congestive Heart Failure

October 2, 2010.  Chloe became paralyzed in both her hind legs yesterday. 
There was no hope that she could recover. She went to sleep today at 2:15 PM.
She lived 18 months with CHF. During that time she was never left alone.
We did everything we could to prolong her life. Goodbye Chloe. You are missed.