My Wireless Back-Up Camera Installation
April 03, 2010 

I am well pleased with the camera kit. I had my own ideas about mounting the camera and
how I wanted to power it.

First, I wanted a way to mount the camera without it covering any text on my license plate. 
Second, I wanted complete control over the system from the driver's seat.
Third, I wanted the master on/off power to the camera system, controlled by the ignition switch.
Fourth, I wanted it powered by an exclusive wire complete with separate fuse and switch. 
Fifth, I wanted the possibility of removing or replacing any part or all of the system without it having any effect on the car wiring or any components.  

I could call this wiring, "How to Make a Simple Job Difficult" but it works the way I wanted.

First I cut off the long 'mounting wings' from the camera and drilled a new hole for the screw.

Now it doesn't cover my State Name so I don't have to worry about breaking some
License Plate laws that I might not be aware of.

I was concerned about whether mounting the camera so close to the car body would hinder my view on the monitor -- it does not interfere with the view.
I wanted my transmitter mounted inside the car rather than in the trunk. So I ran my wires to the inside of the car and mounted the unit with double sided tape. That should give me more signal strength at the monitor.
I mounted a spare cigar lighter
assembly out of the way, under the dash. That gives me one socket for the monitor and one socket for the transmitter--camera, plus one spare socket. 
I found an empty position on my fuse block that turns ON and OFF with the ignition key. That assures me that no one can exit the car and leave the camera and transmitter ON for hours or days when the car is parked.
The wire that feeds the socket has its own inline fuse and an inline toggle switch which I'll mount on the dash when time permits. That extra switch isn't necessary but it allows me the option of disabling the entire system at any time with the flip of a switch when the ignition switch is ON. For example, if I'm working on the car, sitting in the driveway with the ignition ON, I don't have to leave the power ON for the camera--transmitter.  
The wire that feeds the monitor is long enough that the monitor can be placed wherever
I want it: on the dash or in the back seat for audio--visual (it has an input for that, for
passenger use), or leave it where it is on the center console.

We've had the system operating for just a few days and already we would feel hindered without it.

Here's a simple diagram.

So this is how I can take a simple installation and make it difficult and complicated. But it is versatile and it does all I want it to do.

I wanted to add a wireless back-up camera to our Oldsmobile. After doing research on the Web, I decided that we wanted a Peak PKCORC which comes with the 7 inch monitor. I was fortunate to find one on Ebay for $89.95 and located just a few miles from me.