Our 1870s House. ... .
One of Peggy's hobbies is making Peddy Teddy Bears.
Come visit Peggy's Bear House.
Some of Peggy's Bears.
Peg making Bears.
Chloe and her treat.
Daisy, Chloe and Mac
Read the life and death story of my Scottish Terriers Ms Bear and Mr Bear.
Mr Scottie Bear
Mr Scottie Bear

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Spend a few moments with some childhood memories from the early 1930s and to the present. This site is now located on the Dickens site.
On Rainbow Bridge
Methodist Church at
Hurricane Creek
Dickens Cemetery at Hurricane Creek.
MrBear,  2/16/91 - 2/9/03
Searching for OLD
Industrial CLOCK
Peggy suffered a heart attack Christmas morning of 2006. We are happy
to report that no such event happened again. Click the link below to read 
an account of how it happened and links to articles that explain important
differences in male and female heart attack symptoms.  
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My kind of logic.
I have a method of using two PATA drives, each with a different operating system, on one desktop computer, using an external toggle switch to choose between the drives. I don't want any internal communication between the two systems. This works for me using Linux on one drive and another system on the other.  This might not work on all motherboard/drive combinations - it does on my three computers. I've now used this method on several computers and it works fine. Posted on 12/01/07 -  This is for PATA drives. I now use on SATA drives also. Click the link below:
I was 70 when we bought our house and began 6 months of work in 2002.
The Dickens section has grown so much that it now has its own Web site. For Dickens at Hurricane Creek in Smith Co. TN, also Robertson County TN, Clayton Co. Iowa and others, click the link below: 
Whose policies caused our economic chaos? Maybe a congressperson near you. Read pages 3, 5, 6 and 7 of my story about life in the 1930's and you
might reach a conclusion.  I was a Great Depression child. Click the link below.


Pet Pages has outgrown the Home Page so I've made a Pet Pages section just for our animal friends. Visit our Pet Pages and send me your pet pictures.


Public Notice: there are several handyman  do-it-yourself  items on this Web site that require some care when using them or the tools and/or electricity when constructing them. I offer my ideas freely and if you use any of these ideas you are responsible for all aspects of that use. If you attempt to construct and/or use any of these items, you do so at your own risk.  Thank you, Doug Dickens.

Do you need to wash out the gutters on your house? Here's a simple device that you can make in a few minutes that will reach your low-hanging gutters without using a ladder. Click the link below:
Do you have a wireless doorbell? Would you like to use it many feet beyond its range or would you like it to signal when someone has opened a remote gate or door? I'll show you how I modified mine to do these things. It doesn't take an electronics whiz to do it. Click the link below.
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Recover personal files from a corrupted operating system - if the hard drive itself is not damaged and will still run. I use Ubuntu or Mint 13 for that operation. I made a page to show how I do it. Click here for information.
Can't locate a replacement transflow/crossflow blower for your fireplace insert? I found one.
We adopted this sweet Scottish Terrier named Chloe after she was rescued from a puppy mill. See her story. Update: Chloe was diagnosed with
congestive heart failure on March 14, 2009. She died on October 02, 2010. There is a new page explaining Chloe's CHF.
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Not long ago I couldn't even spell "Octogenarian" and now I 'are' one.
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